043 – Intellectual because of glasses?

Why is this, people say when you are wearing glasses this look intellectual?
And when you wear sunglasses, you look cool …

And because of getting said, the look is intellecual, I bought a bag for this, although I don’t like to wear bags in SL.
Well, I liked the look and want to share it with you 🙂


Skin – *Laq* Ebba Peach 05
*Izzie’s* – Double Eyliner pink *groupgift September*
Lashes – *ChrissyDesign* – Irresistable Look Eyelashes
Hair – *Truth* – Cynthia jupiter
Nails – *Mandala* – Female Medium Nails

Trenchcoat – *Holly Hood* –  White City Slicker Trnchcoat
*60L Weekend* (still to get there in white, black and beige MESH)
Shoes – *Holly Hood*– LA Boots white  *Secret Wednesday* (still to get there in black and wite for 49L each)
Pants – *LMD* – Aida Leggins rose

Necklace – *Glow* – Diamond Bar Necklace black
Glasses – *Gos* – Intuition
RIng – *Mandala* Nails&Ring gaga black – Ring only
Bag – *Izzie’s* – Satchel Bag black


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