094 – Kanou Cally

Kanou has released this super cute dress for the 72nd round of Designer Circle.
It costs only 80L each. Although SL is slapping me all weekend with inventory
issues, non rezzing, staying nude in the space and waiting for rezzing of my clothes,
at least  I can show you some of the colours of this cute dress.

Enough words, have a look at the photos 🙂

For all Photos:


Skin – *Laq * – Ebba Peach 01
Lashes – *Chrissy* – Irresistable Eyelashes
Hair –  *LoQ* –  Bacardi
Make-Up – *EverAnAngel* – Tone Faces – Deep Dark Secrets – Whispers 10 Xmas
Hands – *SLINK* – Mesh Hands Casual
Nailpolish – *{ZOZ}* – Natural Glitter Tips Polish


Dress – *Kanou*- Cally Dress @DesignerCirlce
Ankle Boots – *Ingenue* – Brigita Boots
Overknee Boots – *Morea* – Elle Wool Boots
Pantyhose – Attitudes Lace Pantyhose – black


Necklace – *MG* – Keshi Pearl Heart


aDORKable Poses – Delightful Pack


Kanou Cally bluebrown

Kanou Cally brownpink

Kanou Cally greypink

Kanou Cally redblue

Kanou Cally redblue1

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