104 – Legal Insanity&NV Madworld at UFF – Urban Fashion Fair

I was at the Urban Fashion Fair and had a close look at all the stuff there from great designers.

There I found an outfit for me – matched it from a known designer and for me unknown designer.
Well as always I say I am happy  there are designers out there , I haven’t known so far and can surprise me.

I must say that I am really very picky about all the mesh clothes, about the fitting and matching together.
Matching mesh clothes can be really a challenge. When wearing pants and a shirt and want to wear also a jacket –
everything out of mesh – sometimes really very tricky to match all together so they don’t move into each other
or stick out when moving. I appreciate all designers who are still working with clothing layers and offer there
shirts and pants additional in the package as clothing layers. Makes a lot easier for the customers.

But well this time the skirtjeans from Legal Insanity is one of the items I really love. Also when moving the stretching
isn’t as weird as I know from some clothes. Very well made 🙂

And the cardigan I found from an – for me – unknown designer – ist really pretty and has the right length to fit most of the
mesh clothes . I really love this one.

Teleport to Urban Fashion Fair

Sannita 🙂


Skin – *Laq * – Ebba Mocha 04
Make-Up – *Laq * Eye Makeup
*Lashes – *Chrissy* – Irresistable Eyelashes
Hair: *Truth* – Perla
Nails – *Mandala
* – female Medium Nails



Skirtpants – *LegalInsanity* – Joan Skirtjeans knitted pink  ==>  @Urban Fashion Fair
Cardigan – *NV Madworld* – Ela Cardigan pink  ==>  @Urban Fashion Fair
Shirt – *Erratic* – Basic Longshirt dark brown
Ankleboots – *Baiastice* – Amina Platform Booties black



AO – My AO by Vista Animations


Urban Fashion Fair


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