171 – Sweet Valentine – (feat. Follow US @ SLGBTA)

Follow us SLGBTA2

As I told you in the post before I have been accepted as official blogger for the SLGBTA Second Annual Spread the Love from February 1st – 15th.

25 designers unite with *New* and *Exclusive* Items for this two week long event in efforts to raise money for The Human Rights Campaign! see here

For more information about The SLGBT Alliance visit:

Follow us ! is one of the designers and  is supporting with some of their Valentine items. They are very cute and when I set them up, I waited for my sweetheart coming online and finally he arrived and we celebrated Valentine with love all around us 🙂

The event opens at 3PM SLT February 1st: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lam/121/182/23


Sanni 🙂


Follow us SLGBTA1


1 – !! Follow US !! Ivory ladder – Valentine (Y&M)
2 – !! Follow US !! Black ladder – Valentine (love)
3 – !! Follow US !! Champagne bucket (classic)
4 – !! Follow US !! Valentine heart cookies box
5 – !! Follow US !! I ❤ my BF basket (condom) – LGBTA version Exclusive
6 – !! Follow US !! Valentine cakes stand V4
7 – !! Follow US !! Valentine cakes stand V2
8 – !! Follow US !! Fallen in love heart ottoman (cuddles)
9 – !! Follow US !! Cabaret – Love screen (white)

Follow us_1&2

Follow us_3

Follow us_4

Follow us_5

Follow us_6&7

Follow us_8

Follow us_9

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