175 – Spread the budgie’s love – (feat. [free bird]

175 - Spread the budgie's love - (feat. [free bird]

I have a cute newness for you and it is made by [freebird] – the Pet Budgie System.
At the  SLGBTA – Spread the Love Expo you can get it as exclusive Pride for this event.
For more information about The SLGBT Expo visit: https://slgbta.wordpress.com/

The Pet Budgie System is a nice and cute system if you need and looking for pets at home.
You need a cage in which you can place your budgies. You can place up to 4 budgies per cage.
Additional accessories like mirror toy, a wood hanging toy, swing toy and a cuttlebone treat are also available.

You have to care only once a week to clean the cage and refill food and water (which are FREE). Anyone can feed them and click the cage to tend. Only if you don’t care for them, they will get sick and then you will need to buy Budgie Vitamins.

The cages and budgies are available as gatcha items and a turn is
75L for a cage
50L for a budgie
Accessories are normally to buy.

As said before the Pet Budgie System you can get at

[free bird] Mainstore


the special Pride Budgie is available only at

The Spread The Love Expo

Still running until February, 15th.




Bed – *[sf]* – kb day bed v2 – light
Table – *[sf]* – side table v1 – white
Wall Deco – *[ free bird ]* – Kiss Me with Pride Wooden Lip Decor
Budgie Cage& Budgies – *[ free bird ]* My Pet Budgie Cage – Limited Edition Pride RARE
Crates – *tms*  diverse
Plants – *tms* – plant in vintage crock S/M/L
Vase –*[sf]*  – floral jug with pink flowers
Rug – *{what next}*  –  Henley Rug

175 - Spread the budgie's love - (feat. [free bird]

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