545 – Inspiration Time: DAVID BOWIE

545-1TOMORROW  -JUNE 19th – the next round of INSPIRATION is starting. Theme of this round is the one and only DAVID BOWIE.

I can’t remember his early times because when he started to be successful I was only a few years old.
But his career went forward and so in the 80s he was one of the musicians  I really loved to listen and also to his earlier songs. Also this one of which the designer of Lushish Catz was inspired to create this outfit and Tattoo “Within you” of the album “Labyrinth”.

545-3My outfit contains: skirt, shawl, clutch and tattoo – called Bowie – one of 3 exclusives for t his event 🙂

“Within You”

How you turn my world
You precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me

Everything I’ve done
I’ve done for you
I move the stars for no one

You’ve run so long
You’ve run so far
Your eyes can be so cruel
Just as I can be so cruel
Oh I do believe in you
Yes I do

Live without your sunlight
Love without your heartbeat
I, I can’t live within you
I can’t live within you

I, I can’t live within you



MORGEN – am 19. Juni  – startet die neue Runde von INSPIRATION. Das Thema dieser Runde ist DAVID BOWIE.

Ich kann mich nicht an seine frühen Zeiten erinnern als er seinen Durchbruch hatte, da ich da gerade erst ein paar Jährchen alt war 🙂
Aber seine Karriere ging weiter voran und in den 80er begleitete er mich durch meine Jugend und er war einer der Musiker, denen ich super gerne lauschte. Und dann auch seinen früheren Songs.
Auch diesem von dem die Designerin  von Lushish Catz inspiriert war, dieses Outfit zu kreieren “Within you” aus dem Album “Labyrinth”.

Mein Outfit besteht aus: Rock, Schal, Tasche und Tattoo – namens Bowie – eines der 3 exklusiven Designs für dieses Event.


Happy Shopping !

Sanni 🙂


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Hair / Haar – *rezology* – Robopirate
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Naipolish – *Dark Passions* – Koffin Nails Tribute
Tattoo legs / Tattoo Beine – *Lushish Catz* –  incl. in outfit Bowie  ==> @Inspiration  ATTENTION: Opens Jun, 19th



Shawl, Skirt, Clutch, – *Lushish Catz* –  Bowie  ==> @Inspiration  ATTENTION: Opens Jun, 19th



Shawl, Clutch, – *Lushish Catz* –  incl. in Bowie  ==> @Inspiration  ATTENTION: Opens Jun, 19th




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