About&Review Policy


This is  my Second Life Avatar called Sannita Cortes which I started in March 2007.
As years went by in Second Life, I went  more and more into photgraphing and sharing my photos and outfits with other
Secondlife residents.
Meanwhile I am blogging regularly and I still love to show fashion, furniture and lifestyle of Second Life Designers in a nice scene.

Mesh body parts I use :

Lelutka Mesh Heads
Catwa Mesh Head
Tonic Meshheads
Maitreya Meshbody
Tonic Meshbody
Ebody Meshbody

I take my photos with high graphics setting on a good computer.
For lighting I usually use only different Windlights and I am doing also post processing of my photos in graphics software .
But I take care not to overexpose lighting and effects to show all items as they are !
If I am in the mood to do an artisitc shot, I always add the rawshot and mention this in my post.



Review Policy:

If you would like me to review your items, I’ll accept it gladly. For me it is an honour when designers ask me to review their creations and feature their hard work.
Drop a folder, including the name of your store, LMs and a notecard with information about your creations. Please put the items in a folder, called Review and designers name.

As soon as I can, I will post it on my blog . Please be aware that I need some time to create a blogpost including a high quality photo as I take my time to show your creation in a good scene, setting and matching style.



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