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Sannita Cortes

ASW @Boardwalk

Adorably Strange Wares (ASW) has always very nice releases and I like very much at my home. Here at the Boardwalk Event you can get exclusively this beautiful set “The Hadley” by ASW. I think you will like it as much I like it.   ~ASW~ The Hadley […]

Abbi by Tonic

  I am really honoured to have Tonic as one of my dear Sponsors ! Since I am with Tonic I love mre and more the body and the detailed hud. Although I am wearing the body Tonic Fine today, too , I want to introduce you the […]

Row, row, row

  Look at these rowboats – aren’t they nice? You can use them on the water or put them as decoration on your land. The boats have single and couple animations included. Anna’s Attic – Gentle Waters Rowboat    ==> @Boardwalk   Remember the nursery rhyme? No ? Here it […]

Cherish life

Life is something we should cherish, we never know, when we’ll perish. Live each and evry single day, smell the flowers, stop and play. Life is something, we’ve been blessed, choice is yours, choose your quest. Follow your passions, and you’ll be fine, with the right attitude, you […]