Category: Furniture/Decor

Romantic Tree

  Dreamland Design released their new exclusive for the current round of Swank Event for this month. A lovely set of chair, stool, tree, grass & flowers. All together included and fits perfectly in a spring scenery. However it is winter but I am still in a spring […]

ASW @Boardwalk

Adorably Strange Wares (ASW) has always very nice releases and I like very much at my home. Here at the Boardwalk Event you can get exclusively this beautiful set “The Hadley” by ASW. I think you will like it as much I like it.   ~ASW~ The Hadley […]

Row, row, row

  Look at these rowboats – aren’t they nice? You can use them on the water or put them as decoration on your land. The boats have single and couple animations included. Anna’s Attic – Gentle Waters Rowboat    ==> @Boardwalk   Remember the nursery rhyme? No ? Here it […]