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La Nuit d’hallo…Ween

Swank is still running until the end of the month with  it’s theme  “Gothic”. My outfit is Morticia by Giulia Design for Swank October. Coming with pants, corset, collar bow and boots. Several fittig options included. At the event different colours available.for you. My chest tattoo is Metropolis […]

In the Dark

As I stare ever so carefully, the Darkness stares right back at me. The heartless world clings so fake. Ideas that I no longer make. My world was shredded, torn apart. As my world, so was my heart. I lost feeling and became so numb, blissfully ignorant of what […]

Good Gothic Angel

Swank’s new theme in October is  “Gothic” – close to Halloween that you can find all your needs for Halloween in fashion, beauty as well as home & garden. As you all know – or most of you who are following me, I am not into Halloween or […]


The actual Swank Round – Tokyo Mix – is coming to it’s end tomorrow. Head over to Swank if you still want to get some of the amazing exclusives. Showing you Nomi by Alter for Belleza, Maitreya & Slink. A Body & SKirt Outfit ! Also wearing Gaga […]


Swank is still running with it’s Tokyo Mix Theme this month. My outfit is Akemi by Legendaire. It comes with Top, Pants and heels. Sizes for Belleza, Slink & Matireya are included as well as a colour change hud with 10 textures. This beautiful livingroom set is the […]