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“Summer Time” Every massive haffi come along, go fi ya sun tan inna da summa sun, If ya a bleacher poppa corn, go fi ya umbrella cauz the sun a bun De hot gyal dem bring it on a, in ah bikini dem in a pretty thong, Ya […]


Showing you 2 items of Ashmoot’s for Designer Circle #155. Down Overall and a cropped top – matching perfectly together. Both coming with multiple fitting options. And then I have a special goodie for you from ArisAris.  Patriot Style Clogs as PROMOTION  for only 69 L$ in mainstore and […]

856 – Iratxu

And another outfit i am showing you today – sexy denim mini skirt with a top and bra by Dafnis Clothes. As always multiple fitting options are included as well as a colour change hud for all . ———————————————————————————————————- Und hier zeige ich euch ein weiteres Outfit heute […]

839 – Spring Fling

Spring is a beautiful time of the year – life is coming back to the nature – renewed and full of colours. So no wonder a lot of events and also designers are creating beautiful things for spring time. First I want to talk about my outfit – […]

838 -Maewa

I like jumpsuits, I like lace, I like pink and I like to look sexy 😉 Tentations jumpsuit MAEWA at Designer Circle #153 is available until Friday, 12th for a discounted price during the event. Available in different colours ! My shoes are also available at Designer Circle #153. […]