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Tropical Hangout

I have found out that relaxing at home is such a precious moment affter finishing work. What is better than living in the Tropics in SL and relax on your patio with all the plants around you and a fantastic view at the ocean ! I have some […]

Winter Wedding

  The theme of Swank’s January round is Feeling Frosty. The Looking Glass by Sharni Azalee shows us that a wedding can be also held very beautiful in a wintery scenery. It is magical and not frosty but full of love 🙂 I am showing you here  the […]

Potion Lights

  In my last post I showed you some fashion related things of the event Syndicate Sunday. But you can get also decor items . So I am showing you here some of the beautiful items of the home&garden items.   The lamps are “Potion Lamp” by Candle […]

Winter Ice fishing

  Another exclusive at Boardwalk Event (Open 15th November to 15th December, 2018) for your winter set-up is this beautiful set “Great North” by [Circa] Living . 60% off at the event !!! Comes with an ice pond, winter fishing shack, sitting crate for outside fishing, and fishing […]