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Today I was all day thinking of Spring. I really love spring although I am suffering from hayfever. But I do love how the nature comes back to life and the colours are so loveable in Spring. Looking out of the window makes me sleepy. Since days our […]

Rural Afternoon

Horses don’t care how rich we are . They don’t care how tall, short, pretty or ugly we are. They live in the moment, and so long as we are treating them with kindness, they return this with love and affection. (c)Chapman Valley Horse Riding   ♦ ♦ […]

477 – Black Cat

The Hipster Fair is still running undtil March 7th – still time to get this nice and cuter suspender dress and the boots from EnvyMe. The suspender dress comes in 5 standard sizes (XXS to L) and fits well wikth my Maitreya Mesh Body. ———————————————————————————————————- Die Hipster Fair […]