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Abbi by Tonic 2

As I told you in my post here *click*  Tonic will release their new Bento Mesh Head  called Abbi. This is a Sneak Preview for you !!! Abbi will be launched at the February eBento, opening Feb 10th! Here I am showing you her as you get her also with […]

681 – Boho in Autumn

The  Boho Culture Fair is still running but closing on Nov, 4th – and they are celebrating their 5th anniversary. So grab also all the gifts the designers sponsor. The days are getting shorter and colder, soon we will have winter so enjoy the last days with sun and […]

493 – Boho Spring

Spring is in the air and in Real Life, too. It was a wonderful sunny day, cold but sunny and noooo rain 🙂 I went on a walk outside, enjoying the spring, flowers and butterflies around. Awakening nature – wearing my new dress in a boho romance style […]