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322 – Alexandra

I am wearing a beautiful release of Mistique for the fantasy and medieval aera. This dress was available at the Alchemy, ran until 25th Sept. If you like it , it is worth teleporting to Mistique mainstore and have a look if it is already available there 🙂 […]

319 – Selena

I have found again another for me new store with beautiful clothes and as always I am really amazed about the versatility of SL. And I am happy they accepted me as official blogger at -monaLISA- , so I can show you more of the releases. Today I […]

318 – Sometimes

Flippant’s new release “Sometime Outfit” is a steam punk influenced outfit. This is a complete outfit for a themed appearance and haveing fun with style and special moments in SL. It is kind of romantical and historical style when you look at the steampunk. This outfit includes: – […]