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At the Sea

I am starting today with these cute shoes – “Zoie” by Slipper Originals for Midnight Madness ! Free for all MMM Group Members and not available after Sunday, 9th 11:59 pm SLT !!! And you can buy for only 49 L$ an add-on colour for the shoes t […]

828 – Talia

Soon we have May and there is a saying: “April showers bring May flowers !” In German we say “Everything new makes May!” 🙂 So following this I am redesigning my home – my little island. I am working a lot and am mostly working on my platform, […]

819 – Beautiful Spring

Beautiful Spring Days Spring is beautiful Trees happily come alive Flowers bloom again Butterfly, hummingbirds fly Spring is a sight to behold The skies seem bluer Days now are more beautiful Your face only glows With happiness in the sun And in your eyes just joy shows. (c) […]

780 – Perfect evening

I have for you again some nice things for your perfect romance moments – available at Swank Events right now. Starting with my dress, heels and jewellery, it is exclusive February Outfit at Swank Event by ::ALTER::. “Vianney Satin Dress Cherry Love Outfit” by ::ALTER: is available as […]